Wire-framing & Coding

Developing user friendly

experiences for job seekers

TopResume. is a Talent Inc. company, the largest resume-writing service in the world. Through their community of skilled writers, TopResume writes and analyzes more resumes, CVs, and LinkedIn profiles than any other service. Job seekers work directly with professional writers and industry experts to redefine their personal brand and stand out from the crowd during the job-search process.


*Old website pages of TopResume below.

The redesign was done to position TopResume as a tech savvy company taking the user's voice as a driver and bringing the company out of the stone-age in terms of design, usability and messaging. This meant stripping away the old site messaging and design with better expectations for the target audience and prospective partners. 

The messaging was also a big key factor in rebranding because our strategy was to make it more human-centered; a more user-friendly experience for TopResume's customers. I worked closely with the copywriter to create a seamless user experience that job seekers would find useful. 

Website designs

With how modern the web is getting, I started to wireframe web pages around that concept of who would engage with TopResume. The process of building this brand and site consisted of working closely with the VP of Marketing, the CFO, UX copywriter, and the CEO. 

We needed to take a step back to see what was lacking on the site which caused abandon carts. A lot of those customers did not know what they were getting, especially since they had little information on what they were receiving. So, single product pages were born. These pages were used to give customers more insight on what they were buying and helped Customer Support give customers more accurate descriptions of each package.

While designing these single product pages, I wanted to visually show the difference of each package to customers what they were getting and why using this service was important. Along with creating these pages and revamping the entire site, using stock and real photography were used to show personalization and that TopResume's a human-focused brand. 

Other web pages I have designed & coded at TopResume

  • Success Stories Home
    Since the company's products revolve around people's careers, I thought creating a home for case studies with different pain points customers deal with.

  • Individual Success Stories
    The success stories home page divided customers with different pain points. I created a case study for each. I tackled these case studies from an editorial perspective; using pull quotes and before & after images of their resumes (since no one would know the difference).

  • About the Company
    TopResume needed a more robust about page that reflected the brand's history, and why their services are important for every professional. I created everything, from the video to taking to photographs to coding.

  • About the Writers
    The writers at TopResume are very important since they write the best version of the customer's career story. With UX research results and asking the Sales & Support team for customer feedback, they really wanted to know 'who' the writers were and what made them credible to write their resumes.

  • FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions are a very important page because companies revert customers there before contacting the Support Team. I really wanted to segment the types of questions and create a more interactive experience using accordions. This type of interaction not only cleans the page and helps customers focus on what they're looking for but, it helps us (designers/researches) know where customers drop off or common questions they're clicking through tracking. 

Resume Critique (Freemium Product revamp)

TopResume provides a lead general freemium product to encourage customers to use their products. The resume critique is an experience where a customer uploads their resume and receive a lengthy and in-depth analysis of it. 

Resume Critique Customer Relationship Management Emails (CRM)

To help create the ultimate customer experience, we updated a CRM email (email nurture flow). These emails will be sent to customers throughout the journey to better set them up for success with the product. We focused a lot on what customers would want to see in email, such as next steps, customer quotes, and reminders of snippets from the critique.

This project taught me a lot as a creative. As a designer, all you want to do is create something great and hope everyone's on board, but it's important to take in account the emotional attachment others have on whatever you're going to overhaul/rebrand. You really have to know your audience and use your UX skills even on your clients to get them on board with your concept, or just know what they want to include to make the project a success.



  • Sales and support have more product-focused material to share with customers.

  • Customers know more of what the offerings are which has increased sales.

  • The brand has a more modern, consistent & holistic customer experience 

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