Promoting & Social Media

Developing user friendly

experiences for job seekers

TopResume. is a Talent Inc. company, the largest resume-writing service in the world. Through their community of skilled writers, TopResume writes and analyzes more resumes, CVs, and LinkedIn profiles than any other service. Job seekers work directly with professional writers and industry experts to redefine their personal brand and stand out from the crowd during the job-search process.

Our lives all revolve around social media, making promoting there essential; whether it be on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn. I worked on strategizing design for social media for organic and paid acquisition. I've helped TopResume gain more than 10,000 followers, over 20,000 leads and an increase in revenue.

Content & Design 

Designing for content is crucial for TopResume, and any kind of visual helps boost SEO and gives articles a better look and feel. I created a couple of infographics that are incorporated in blog articles which in total had over 40,000 views and about 8% increase in estimated revenue from organic. I worked closely with Editors, Writers, Digital Marketing Manager, VP of Marketing, and Director of Communications to get these done and more. 

Email Promoting & Design 

The future is email. Our inbox controls a lot of our lives whether it be for subscriptions, work-related or almost anything! I've created many dedicated emails that focus on new resources and content. I also had the opportunity to redesign TopResume's consumer newsletter which gets on an average a month of 20% open rate and 10% clicks/opens which go to thousands of their customers. Below are a couple of emails I've created with the help of the UX Copywriter and guiding the Senior Email Engineer.

I had the opportunity to work on so many types of creative with TopResume. These projects helped me grow as a designer, art director and fully conceptualize my designs from the ground up. I also had the opportunity to work with different employees in the company from the digital marketing manager. director of communications, editors, writers to the VP of Marketing.


  • Because of the newsletter revamp there has been an increase in revenue, clicks & open rate.

  • Increase in our followers and leads on social media because of more engaging visuals (over 10K followers and 20K leads).

  • More than 40K views on content with visuals I've designed & an increase in revenue.

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