Personalizing the pre-interview

process for everyone

TopInterview, is a Talent Inc. company, which offers a full suite of career services through its suite of brands, the company empowers professionals to tell their best career story and own their personal brand. TopInterview helps professionals get ready for their next job interviews.

Lead Product + UI/UX Designer

  • Tools (prototyping, wire-framing)

    • Sketch App​

    • InVision Studio

    • Adobe Illustrator

User Researcher

  • Compiled user research from a beta product

  • Researched top competitors

  • Focused on 'the why' of the product 

TopInterview needed to feel more personal, engaging and easy to use. We all know that interviewing for jobs is not easy and frustrating; meaning that the user should feel empowered, comfortable, confident and stress-free when using TopInterview. This meant overhauling the old product messaging and design with better expectations for the target audience and prospective partners. 

The messaging was also a big key factor in rebranding because our strategy was to make it more human-centered; a more user-friendly experience for TopResume's customers. I worked closely with the copywriter to create a seamless user experience that job seekers would find useful. 


*Old website pages of TopInterview below:

User Research

The team (UX Copywriter, Product Manager, Director of Product and I) worked together to figure out what TopInterview customers liked. We went through a ton of reviews and talked with our interview coaches to highlight what the pros and cons are of the product.

Some pros included:

  • Engaging with a real person on the phone or video

  • Having a curriculum 

  • Feeling heard, and comfortable

Some cons included:

  • No segmentation for pricing

  • Prices aren't clear and broken down in a clear way

  • The brand did not provide a holistic experience

  • Not enough reason to drive customers back to the product

With all the feedback we received, we started to think more about personalization 2.0 because that was major for this brand to work. This consisted of flipping the messaging, customer experience and how they interact with us. 


UX Designs –– Quiz Flow

With the customer's journey in mind, I designed a quiz/quote flow. This flow consisted of interactive questions customers would respond to help them figure out what type of interview coaching they need. This flow also helps us know our audience, to be able to reach out to them in a new CRM email flow, paid acquisition and more. 

UX & Design –– CRM 

To help create the ultimate customer experience, we created a CRM email (email nurture flow). These emails will be sent to customers throughout the journey to better set them up for success with the product. We focused a lot on what customers would want to see in email, such as next steps, customer quotes, and what to expect from each interview type.

UX & Design –– Website 

Since the focus of this product is that the customer chooses their own journey, having the "take the quiz" in the nav bar helps direct customers to that personalized flow. Adding social proof throughout the site helps build trust with customers. Photography is essential for imagery to help humanize the brand. 

  • Sales and support have more product-focused material to share with customers

  • Customers know more of what the offerings are which has increased sales

  • The brand has a more modern, consistent & holistic customer experience

  • Future proof "on demand" coaching

  • A better customer lifecycle.

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