Building user-friendly

interfaces to attract talent.

Talent Inc. is the global leader in career services. Through its suite of brands — TopResume, TopCV, TopInterview and ResumeRabbit — the company helps professionals tell the best version of their career story, enabling them to stand out from the crowd and land the right job, faster. 


The site is a recruiting tool — a way to show prospective employees and partners what the company is all about and what the offerings are for partnerships. This idea became the North Star, guiding every decision, every pixel created throughout the project.

Lead Product + UI/UX Designer

  • Tools (prototyping, wire-framing)

    • Sketch App​

    • InVision Studio

    • Adobe Illustrator

Frontend Development (responsive)

  • QA code 

  • Code

    • SaaS​

    • CSS5

    • HTML

    • Terminal/Github


  • Art direction

  • Photo retouching

Talent Inc., needed a more attractive, tech-focused and thoughtful design and message.One of the primary goals of this overhaul was to position Talent Inc. as a tech company taking a modern approach to the job search. This meant stripping away the corporate facade from the old site and replacing it with a design that better reflects the company values and style, and make prospective employees interested to apply & get hired. 

With trending styles and colors of 2018, Talent Inc. went from a serious deep red color that according to research gave off a negative impression to a more modern and welcoming color palette.

The messaging was also a big key factor in rebranding this company. I worked closely with the lead UX copywriter to create a seamless user experience that potential new hires would enjoy and interact with. Building credibility by creating modules that highlight the impact Talent Inc. has on customers and highlighting quotes from current employees were elements that we needed to incorporate.




Using Uber is a smooth process that is often described as being ‘simple’ and this is the great myth of its UX – simplicity. Stop the meter, driver – Uber’s UX is anything but simple. It’s complex, but easy to use – and that’s the gold standard of UX design.

Lemonade provides an A-Z polished user experience through its mobile app and web interface, aiming towards a clean goal of making home insurance fair, friendly, fast and sweet.

UX basics: “Design” isn’t king or queen – The user is always royalty when it comes to UX.

Keeping in mind the trends in tech and how modern it's getting, I started to wireframe web pages around that concept and who Talent Inc. want to be. The process of building this brand and site consisted of working closely with the VP of Marketing, the CFO, UX copywriter, other designers and the CEO. 

Humanizing the brand was also important to keep in mind. Since this startup site was used to hire talent, showing the faces behind the scene was essential. I didn't want to use stock photography so I took photographs of the team in a more lifestyle scenery.

The website was built from scratch, not using Bootstrap or any of that, with the collaboration between myself and two other web designers we had this deployed this site in about five days. 

  • Attracted more employees to work at Talent Inc to help customers with telling their best career stories.

  • Created a holistic experience (from photos, to design, to code).

  • Empowered employees to feel more confident in their brand.

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