Designing a new

way to job search

ResumeRabbit is a company that helps professionals post to more than 65 job board sites at one time and help them land the right job, faster. 


The site needed a major redesign after it was acquired by Talent Inc. in 2018. 

Lead Product + UI/UX Designer

  • Tools (prototyping, wire-framing)

    • Sketch App​

    • Adobe Illustrator

  • Email CRM design

  • Managed project

    • Led another designer to stay on track

    • QA 

This product was outdated in every possible way such as frontend & backend development, user experience and design. One of the primary goals of this brand overhaul was to design a better and seamless user experience. 

*Old product/brand below

User research was done and the main takeaways for this was, create a "fast, easy, and effective" product that is appealing to job seekers and job boards. This meant adding more personality, style and branding, which the old site did not have.


With trending styles and colors of 2018, ResumeRabbit went from a zero color palette, branding elements and value props to a modern, sophisticated, approachable, and welcoming brand that all users can experience.


Stripe is a technology company that allows clients to receive payments off of the internet. The simple, straightforward design make it easy for a user to know what they should focus on.

Design is about putting yourself in the shoes of your user… that’s what being a designer is all about — human-centered design.

Keeping in mind the trends in tech and how easy and accessible we have to make our designs, I started to wireframe web pages around that concept. The process of building this brand and site consisted of working closely with the VP of Marketing, the CFO, UX copywriter, other designers and the CEO. 


Because this brand was technology-focused, I decided to use illustration to compliment the layouts I was making. I created modern illustrations that had a touch of lifestyle to them, which helps add dimension and a sense of space to the brand/site. 


The website was built from scratch, not using Bootstrap or any third-party sites (CMS), with the collaboration between myself and two other web designers we had this deployed this site in a week. The navigation I decided to go with for this site was a hamburger menu to create a seamless and clean look of the site, I was afraid this could cause problems with SEO but after talking to the SEO consultant, it was approved. 

Video & Animation

Because of the rebranding, paid acquisition + creating launch videos were important for this brand! I created quick animated videos, one video focused as a promotional "how it works" video and the other video focused more on prospecting. These videos can be used anywhere, from social media to on the site! I wanted to carry out the branding onto these videos for future video content.

  • A more effective job search for everyone

  • Increase in job board partnerships 

  • Fulfillment are better equipped to work with clients

  • Increase in overall revenue

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