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This project is a magazine for women in the Middle East, named Jawhara. Jawhara focuses on 18–35 year-old women, and includes a wide range of topics, such as women’s health, style & beauty, business & politics, lifestyle and arts & literature. It highlights a variety of other options for women in contrast to the current socially constructed female roles in the Middle East, which mainly focus on domestic tasks. The project aims to serve as a virtual world for Middle Eastern women; the publication serves as a “friend” because it features content that relates to the every-day Middle-Eastern woman. The project consists of a 100-page perfect bound printed magazine, an animated video teaser containing excerpts of the interviews, cards with brief articles, a website and social media accounts that contain interviews and videos with the Middle Eastern women featured in the printed book.






Franco-Arabic script inspired the design of the logo/title of the publication. Franco-Arabic is a mixture of the Arabic and English script used to communicate in Arabic over the Internet or for sending messages via cell phones whenever Arabic is not available for technical reasons or just difficult to understand. These days, it is used more than just a technical problem and a more common language between young people. This enabled me to use a modern approach that has not yet been done in the Middle East.  My target audience will relate to this writing style since they use it in their daily lives. The J in Jawhara is also a J in Arabic so that is where the Franco-Arabic script comes into play in a clever way. I was inspired by "Pashion Magazine" and "Oushe" because they've attempted to use arabesque techniques to their logos as well but not the actual Arabic letters themselves. 

Final Logo

Logo Inspirations


Since Jawhara has five distinct sections throughout all platforms and mediums, a consistent color palette had to be made. These colors and their respective color values and tints are used throughout the sections to help the consumer navigate their way in the printed magazine or online. Tweaking the primary colors into a more modern and subtle look definitely gave the magazine more dimension. Values of black and gray are used as spot colors throughout the entire publication. Along with the color palette, creating a thematic section opener was also very important to help distinguish sections and be a breather. A halftone image with the respected color of the section was designed to be that section opener.


Some live interviews are up on the YouTube channel.

I took live video interviews and add subtitles (since some of them were in Arabic) of the footage of the interviews on Adobe Premiere Pro. The video interviews are in a Vanity Cards style and range from five to fifteen minutes. A vanity card video interview is a type of video interview where the questions are automated beforehand and answered live by the interviewee. These video interviews are commonly used for social media and magazine publications I wanted to create a more interactive and engaging experience for the consumer.

I also created a video teaser with an animated title of the publication to help promote the Issue which featured top articles in each category together using Adobe After Effects in a modern way (like using silhouettes and aggressive in-your-face typography).


There are more videos and  are featured on the website of the magazine, and shared on all social media platforms. 


Website Design

A  full responsive website was created using HTML/CSS (Bootstrap) from scratch, to engage consumers around the world with content found in the magazine. The website has an embedded feed to the Jawhara Twitter page where short videos and photographs will be presented to create more awareness of the publication on the Internet. You can also find a link that connects you to where you can purchase a Digital or Print edition of the latest magazine issue. Having a digital platform helps with connecting to my target audience all over the world.

Handcoded Responsive HTML/CSS Website Here

App Design Prototype

This is a mobile app prototype for Jawhara Publication. A main homepage where the user can login will be available then taking them to a categories page which will include a hamburger menu. When the hamburger menu is clicked on a side bar then slides in from the right with the different categories of the publication with daily news about each. Each category page is broken down into a list arranged from the latest to oldest news at that time. When the user swipes down on this page it will refresh to have the most updated stories. The user will also have the option to add comments & likes, along with sharing it on social media platforms or sending them to friends via text message. This design helps the user be more interactive with the brand and helps engage the user with the content that we are creating for them.


The prototype was made in Sketch


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Poster Design

The front and back cover were printed as posters with a few minor edits at 36"x 24". By having these covers up as posters, it helped promote the publication and make prospective consumers aware of the unique visual elements in the logo and design aesthetic for future encounters. 


I also designed a magazine overview map with all 100 pages to show the consumer the pace and narrative of the magazine. Publications create these maps "behind the scenes" when designing to be able to keep track and know how everything looks all at the same glance. 

Promotional Card Design

The front and back cover are printed as posters with a few minor edits. I created a magazine publication overview map with all 100 pages to show the viewer the pace and narrative of the magazine. Publications create these maps behind the scenes when designing to be able to keep track and know how everything looks all at the same glance. Many people don't know what happens behind the scenes and I thought creating a large poster map of my publication would make them aware of how much work and thought is put into what they read. 

Magazine (Editorial Design)

I traveled to Egypt where I created and aggregated content through live interviews and research. This content transformed into a 100-page magazine that consisted of content that I wrote, copyright-free photographs that I took and illustrations that I made. The design of the magazine is inspired by modern Western typography of Neville Brody. Brody pushed the boundaries of visual communication using simple, clean and powerful design. People tend to browse through magazines and not actually read them from beginning to end like a “book.”  Brody highlights the most important parts of an article to grab the attention of the reader using extra-large letters, creating shapes into letters and even under-sizing letters. He believes that the style of lettering should illustrate the article as well as the image, which will be something I will implement in my design. The magazine has five distinct categories that have thematic section openers since no advertisements were part of the magazine. This magazine was designed and written to be a girl's best friend.


Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as news stories, and “discovery” is a search activity. Social media can also help build links that in turn support into SEO efforts. Many people search through social media platforms to find trustworthy content.

Creating an Instagram channel (@jawharamagazine) was the first platform I created because of how popular it is in the modern day. Using content such as quotes, photography and motion graphics to attract anyone! After the success of Instagram I started to produce content for Facebook and create Facebook Acquisition Ads to promote the publication!

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