Wire-framing & Coding

Creating a new era

in publication

This project is a magazine publication for women in the Middle East, named Jawhara. Jawhara focuses on 18–35 year-old women, and includes a wide range of topics, such as women’s health, style & beauty, business & politics, lifestyle and arts & literature.


It highlights a variety of other options for women in contrast to the current socially constructed female roles in the Middle East, which mainly focus on domestic tasks. The project aims to serve as a virtual world for Middle Eastern women; the publication serves as a “friend” because it features content that relates to the every-day Middle-Eastern woman. The project consists of a 100-page perfect bound printed magazine, an animated video teaser containing excerpts of the interviews, cards with brief articles, a website and social media accounts that contain interviews and videos with the Middle Eastern women featured in the printed book.

I was featured in an article on CairoScene because of the impact and feedback I received from this project.


Website designs

I coded a full responsive website was created using HTML/CSS (Bootstrap) from scratch, to engage consumers around the world with content found in the magazine. The website has an embedded feed to the Jawhara Twitter page where short videos and photographs will be presented to create more awareness of the publication on the Internet. You can also find a link that connects you to where you can purchase a Digital or Print edition of the latest magazine issue. Having a digital platform helps with connecting to my target audience all over the world.

Application prototype

I designed a mobile app prototype for Jawhara. Each category page is broken down into a list arranged from the latest to oldest news. When the user swipes down it will refresh to have the most updated stories. The user will also have the option to add comments & likes, along with sharing it on social media platforms or sending them to friends via text message. This design helps the user be more interactive with the brand and helps engage the user with the content that we are creating for them.

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