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This project is a magazine publication for women in the Middle East, named Jawhara. Jawhara focuses on 18–35 year-old women, and includes a wide range of topics, such as women’s health, style & beauty, business & politics, lifestyle and arts & literature.


It highlights a variety of other options for women in contrast to the current socially constructed female roles in the Middle East, which mainly focus on domestic tasks. The project aims to serve as a virtual world for Middle Eastern women; the publication serves as a “friend” because it features content that relates to the every-day Middle-Eastern woman. The project consists of a 100-page perfect bound printed magazine, an animated video teaser containing excerpts of the interviews, cards with brief articles, a website and social media accounts that contain interviews and videos with the Middle Eastern women featured in the printed book.

I was featured in an article on CairoScene because of the impact and feedback I received from this project.

Video marketing is such an important part of a brand because it helps boost sales, increases the ROI, builds trust with consumers, affects your search engine ranking on Google, encourages social shares, easier to understand a product and more.

Video Interviews

Jawhara is focused on real women, having video interviews on all the brand's platforms are important. No one really wants to just read anymore, in 2019, everyone wants a more personal experience with whatever brand they interact with and that's what these video interviews do for this brand. I had the opportunity to have IRL video interviews with a couple of fabulous women in issue, I chose each one of them because they are relatable to the normal girl walking down the street with her friends. Even though some of the women are famous, they are humbled and are driven by their success. 

May Issue Teaser Video

I created a quick reel with some animation to help promote Jawhara and get viewers/followers excited of what to expect in this issue, especially 'who' are going to be featured in issue.

Sahar Foad – Video Interview

I had the opportunity to meet Sahar when I was Egypt. Sahar is a famous hijabi and lifestyle blogger, she has over 1M followers globally. I chose Sahar as one of the ladies I was featuring because she was very relatable in the Middle Eastern world, she also opened doors for high-end hijabi fashion. 

Nayrouz Abouzeid – Video Interview

Another successful woman I interviewed for my 'Mamapreneur' feature article was Nayrouz Abouzeid. She's the CEO & Founder of EGOCOMM - a well known PR agency in the Middle East. 

Suzan Idris Salah – Video Interview

I met with Suzan Salah also when I was Egypt, she's a model & head of a PR agency. She has experienced first hand discrimination in the fashion industry and still fights to stay in the industry. 

All these women told their story behind their success and the trials & tribulations that they went through to get to where they are today. This type of low production interviewing helps set the stage of casualty we should feel when watching. I want the Jawhara viewers/followers to feel as if they were at the interview asking the questions. 

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