iArabFood is an application that focuses on how to cook Middle Eastern/Arab food whether you're a professional chef or just an amateur! It walks the user through recipes from A to Z. The application doesn't just share traditional recipes, it takes you to grocery stores online where to find your ingredients and a step-by-step screen with timers to help you cook like a pro! As a Greek/Egyptian, cooking is part of my culture, and these cuisines aren't the easiest to cook for, so I was hoping to create a prototype of an app that would be for everyone that loves Middle Eastern/Mediterranean

Brand Identity

iArabFood logo and application icon was inspired by the every day grind and how fast pace our lives are becoming. I didn't want to create something overcomplicated, I really wanted the application to speak for itself in terms of simplicity and modernism. The arrows convey the daily movement and the timer that will be on some of the screens of the app itself. The dusty pink was chosen because according to many psychiatric studies warm tones symbolize hunger, warmth and food in our minds. 

The prototype

The images show screens of what the app does and how it works. Each screen is a step in the cooking process. Some screens help the cook keep track of time and adds an element of interaction with the app. There are also features in the app that help keep it up-to-date and lets the chef share their final dish with friends and family on Social Media and connects straight to the camera to take photographs and add filters. ​ The App design was created in Sketch.

Promotional Ads

Advertising your app is really important. I designed two advertisements that focus on sentiment of the application itself; which is to cook homestyle food that remind you of home, family and specifically your mom. These rustic images help convey that homestyle feel along with engraved typography. 

I wanted to create an application prototype that i would use. This challenged me even more to focus more on human-centric design and solve all those questions including easy usability. I'm hoping to build this application in the near future.

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