Empowering women to

make the first move

ESHQ is the first groundbreaking relationship app that sets the stage for women to make the first approach in meeting someone. Once there's a match, women have 48 hours to send the first message. ESHQ delivers a seamless combination of beauty and cutting-edge technology that not only creates meaningful connections, but allows for real-time communication.

Based on the surveys and follow up interviews, I understood that users were frustrated with the app's on-boarding flow, usability and reasons to continue to use the app. ESHQ is focused on a certain demographic (Middle Eastern) and claims to be the first dating app that women have more control over approaching prospective dates, but they weren't feeling empowered by the features of the app to feel confident to make the first move.


Lead Product + UI/UX Designer

  • Tools (prototyping, wire-framing) 
    Sketch, InVision & Adobe Illustrator



User Researcher

  • Compiled user research from a beta product

  • Researched top competitors

  • Focused on 'the why' of the product 


Interviews, maps,
user empathy, ideation


Wireframes, maps,

UX, InVision


UI, layout, color palette,

style guide

Surveys & interviews

Conducting user research

I surveyed 25 (women & men) and interviewed 15 participants to learn about their in-app dating experiences.

PERSONA: Who are we designing for?

I created a persona of potential users based on the research I conducted, to which I came back to throughout my project to guide my design decisions and priorities.

User stories & pain points

Based on the personas and research, I created the three following user stories that would inform the user flow and features for the design screens. The user stories helped me to understand user motivation and desired outcomes.

 Situation       Motivation      Outcome 


  1. When I'm on a dating app, I want to feel empowered and safe, so I can just be myself.

  2. When signing up to dating apps, I avoid the long on-boarding questions that take forever, so I can focus on why I'm on there.

  3. As soon as I get on dating apps, I want to be able to have real connections with people, so I don't waste my time.

Identifying needs & prioritization

I reviewed the data of the surveys and interviews and jotted down each user’s pain point onto a Post-It. I used affinity mapping to group the pain points and frustrations into similar categories on a whiteboard. 


I prioritized each pain point based on its importance to the user as well as its importance to the business model. My assumptions of the importance to users were based on the surveys and interviewees consisting of existing and potential users. Having an on-boarding process, identification of person (send photo), exploration and discovery whether it be in dating or friends mode, and conversations,  all together create a safe and great experience for all users. 

Defining the problem

I decided to tackle the three pain points that were important to the users (women/men), and redefined them below.

  1. Users want a quick, and efficient way to get started.

  2. Most don't mind adding more verifications to help ensure safety and comfort once they get on the app.

  3. Female users want to feel empowered to make the first move with the help of the app.

User flows

I also created user flows to show users who wants a quick and efficient on-boarding process, more verifications for safety and privacy, social media influenced features to help users make meaningful interactions, and have more safety features around conversations letting users have more control of what they want to share. 

Sign In User Flow

Sign In User Flow

Onboarding User Flow

Onboarding User Flow

Prototyping & Validation

Using Sketch to create Hi-Fi mockups of my proposed solutions, and InVision to create a digital prototype, I tested the prototype with 5 people that participated in the research at the beginning. Insights from the validation test led me to reiterate one of the screens. Below are the Hi-Fi mockups of my final solutions based on the results of the user testing before and after implementing my design solutions.

Welcome Screens

These screens serve as "value props" & will help users feel engaged and that this app is something that will help change their lives whether it be because of the valuable content, finding friends or love.

On-boarding Screens

This flow is a bit longer, but it's mostly because users wanted to feel secure and that the potential friends/dates went through that process for extra privacy to feel comfortable and empowered. 

This project is still in the works. Working with engineering and the team to start adding in more features to the app; like adding in more privacy during messaging, and humor! This was a great start to continue a seamless experience.

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