Making a brand identity

fit for fitness

Adrenaline is a start up fitness company that is focusing on making the world embrace the rush of working out and being active. This company has branches of fitness gyms and have been considering to create an App that would help anyone when they come to gym and know special classes for VIP members and more.

My work for Adrenaline consisted of creating a cohesive brand identity that was multifunctional for Digital and Print purposes. I also started the beginning prototype of an App for the Adrenaline company. 

Reference Jeffrey Santiago , Director of Marketing & Business Relations

Brand Identity

The Adrenaline logo and application icon was inspired by fitness and health brands such as Gatorade and Nike. I didn't want to create something overcomplicated, I really wanted the application to speak for itself in terms of simplicity and modernism.There was a lot of influence from the well-known heart beat symbol, so I used that as a base and worked around it to give it more impact.  

Marketing Collateral

I designed marketing collateral for Adrenaline. A lot of my inspiration came from sports visuals, sport brands and more. The logo could work by itself and so could the logo symbol. I was asked to create a rough prototype of a start of an application for Adrenaline, so I created a home screen and a schedule screen.

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