Video & Story-telling

A Graphic Designer Is ...

I've always been fascinated by projected typography, and wanted to create my own version inspired by Op Art. I also wanted to tell a story as the movement and color caught your eye, so I created a story of what a graphic designer is by highlighting words that describe who we are like "curious"and "observer". Op Art is, a form of abstract art that gives the illusion of movement by the precise use of pattern and color, or in which conflicting patterns emerge and overlap.

This project wasn't just digital, it was a process of creating 3D words out of cardboard and using projection mapping to make them come to life on the screen. Abstract visuals were projected onto the 3D letters using a projector along with movement of the camera to capture the Opt Art inspiration.  I recorded a 'behind the scenes' video following with the final video production to show the impact. Programs I used included Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro.

Process Video

Final Video Production

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